s m a r t   e l e c t r i c   d r i v e   f o r   w h e e l c h a i r s.

Discreet and modern design 

Swivelling drive wheel for dynamic driving 

Extremely swift - turns itself on the spot 

Efficient, high-performance drive unit 

Tilted driving is also possible with the SMOOV one 

Intuitive docking and undocking of the drive unit and control unit 

Easy to use thanks to the ergonomic, wireless control unit 

Individual adjustment and extension of the scope of functions possible via the SMOOV Mobility App

Can be mounted to most active rigid-frame and folding wheelchairs

R E Q U E S T   A   Q U O T E

a t   a   g l a n c e

10km/h max. speed (unlocked via the SMOOV one App)

20 km range 

140 kg max. person weight 

7.2 kg product weight 

16 % max climbability 

0 limits 

f r e e d o m

y o u r   l i f e

Easy Going Every Day

From bus trips and kerbs, to shop entrances with steps: the SMOOV one makes your daily life easier and saves you a lot of physical effort.

Hands-Free for the More Beautiful things in Life

Whether it's a pram, a shopping trolley or a coffee, we make it easier to master because now you have more freedom than ever before.

n a v i g a t e  SMOOV

D r i v e  U n i t

C o n t r o l  U n i t

The SMOOV one is a modern, unobtrusive and lightweight electric power-assist drive unit for active wheelchairs which significantly increases the driver‘s mobility and flexibility. Travel up to 20 km with one battery charging thanks to a highly efficient direct drive combined with state-of-the-art lithium-ion technology.

Ready to find out more? 

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S M O O V  o n e  a p p

C o c k p i t  C o n t r o l s:

  • drive mode selection (eco, tour, sport, custom)
  • smoov battery level indicator
  • control unit battery level indicator
  • on/off button for rear light

T o u r  M e t r i c s:

  • track your journey
  • time, distance, average speed, max speed

S e t t i n g s  A d j u s t m e n t:

  • adjust settings for each drive mode
    • max speeds
    • max torque
    • speed adjustment amount for each control wheel turn

D i a g n o s t i c s:

  • reads error codes and explains the problem 
  • indicates steps to take to correct the problem
  • links to service contact

N a v i g a t i o n (paid feature)

A u t o  S p e e d (future feature)


from $8,995*

*excluding freight